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Milliken's Green Initiatives

"Going Green" was once considered a dream. Today, "Going Green" is considered a way of life. We recognize that environmentally safe products have become the new building standard. Even though the housing market has been on the decline over the past few years, there has been a steady, consistent increase in the demand for green buildings and green building products. According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (2008), in 2001 the estimated value of green construction projects was $792 million. In 2010, that value is expected to grow to over $60 billion - representing over 10% of all construction projects. This growing acceptance of green building standards has led to greater use of building products and construction methods that minimize the impact on the environment and the individual.

We partner with industry leaders to offer a selection of environmentally responsible products that are both Energy Star-rated and qualifying for the LEED program. Our substantial product line allows us to provide greener options throughout our current marketplace.

In the US, roughly half of all energy resources are consumed by buildings. This has been the driving force behind the green movement as it pertains to defining procedures, developing universal requirements and the implementation of the Government issued Energy Tax Credit. For more information on the Energy Tax Credit, please refer to the "2013 Milliken Millwork Energy Tax Credit" home page logo at

Internally, Milliken Millwork has taken specific steps to minimize our environmental footprint and conserve energy.  Below are a few examples of our progress.

  • Installation of new LED warehouse lighting,  exit signs, and emergency signs
  • Installation of motion detectors in low-traffic areas both inside and outside of warehouses
  • Implementation of new electricity regulators on HVAC units and compressors to lower energy consumption
  • Highly supervised and highly respected recycling campaigns
  • Program for waste product to be converted into sustainable energy sources
  • New company-wide document shredding  programs
  • Use of water-based paints during the finishing process to reduce V.O.C.'s to virtually zero


Project Spotlight

In 2007 and 2008, we completed 2 major energy-saving projects dealing with our waste product as well as our warehouse lighting fixtures. Today, all of our waste is transported and compacted at sanitation plants that turn the waste into fuel which is burned to generate up to 68 megawatts of electricity and supply export steam at a rate of up to 550,000 pounds per hour. We also completed a massive overhaul of warehouse lighting fixtures at our Sterling Heights, MI facility by adding new, energy efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. By installing the LED lights, the energy savings were equivalent to planting 117 trees annually as well as removing 56 cars from the road each year at each location.


  • Michigan (HQ)
  • 6361 Sterling Drive North
  • Sterling Heights, MI 48312
  • Phone: (800) 686-9218
  • Ohio
  • 400 Circle Freeway Drive
  • Cincinnati, OH 45246
  • Phone: (800) 215-3770
  • Pennsylvania (Sidman)
  • 172 Plummer Road
  • Sidman, PA 15955
  • Phone: (800) 452-0251
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